About us

“Schönemann” has its origins in a famous Frankfurt society family of the same name who were closely associated with the history of the city and with the life of Frankfurt’s best known son Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The Schönemanns were wealthy 18th century bankers and for many years, they operated a popular cultural salon which greatly appealed to Frankfurt’s bourgeoisie.

At a house concert staged there in 1775, a young Johann Wolfgang von Goethe met Anna Elisabeth Schönemann, known as “Lili”, the 16-year old daughter of the house. He fell in love with her immediately, and an engagement soon followed. Although the liaison lasted merely for a single summer, the young Lili Schönemann was the only woman to whom Goethe was ever engaged, and she remained the great love of his life. 

At the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera, “Lili’s Bar” and “Schönemann Restaurant” represent a continuation of Frankfurt’s tradition of generosity and hospitality.