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The idea for a Goethe-inspired cocktail menu came from the love affair between Goethe and Lili Schönemann, a banker’s daughter from Offenbach, which is omnipresent in the Sofitel Frankfurt Opera: she was the only woman Goethe was ever engaged to. The new creations make reference to selected works by the poet prince and their protagonists – for a literary Frankfurt flair in the glass.

The menu brings together the two thematic worlds typical of the poet: On the one hand, there are five cocktails under the motto Goethe’s & Lili’s Liaison, which focus on the love story of the poet prince with his beautiful fiancée.

On the other hand, four other drinks celebrate well-known works by the Frankfurt-born poet, including the two anniversary cocktails The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Faust II. Inspired by the career of a team member in Lili’s Bar from apprentice to permanent member of the mixologist ensemble, Der Zauberlehrling was created. This is characterised by an intense citrus aroma that is refined by nuances of cinnamon and ginger. Faust II contrasts with the first part, which is also found as a cocktail on the menu, in its powerful fruitiness. Its blue colour, created by the use of Gin Butterfly Pea Flower Infusion, embodies Faust’s detachment from his devilish companion. The white tea cordial enhances the fruity taste of the creation, while the white vermouth and lime juice contribute to its freshness.