“Réveilonner” – Celebrate the New Year in style
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Welcome the New Year with us and let 2023 come to a memorable end.
Beginning at 5.30 p.m. with an “Apero créatif”and chilled sounds, then followed by an extravagant seven-course menu.
Afterwards, celebrate with us into 2024 with DJ sounds & live music – punctually at midnight, we greet the new year together with a glass of exclusive vintage champagne & luxurious snacks from the pâtisserie.
“Réveilonner” – Feiern Sie stilvoll das neue Jahr “Réveilonner” – Celebrate the New Year in style

Amuse bouche a la mode

Tartlet of celery
Raspberry and beetroot jelly | confit carrot | frisée

Flamed buttermackerel
Lamb’s lettuce cream | oatmeal crumble | buttermilk

Tea from local game
pickled onions | gold leaf | pine nuts

Raviolo of chestnut
vinegar spiced plum | roasted Brussels sprouts | nutmeg

Parsley sorbet
tomato chilli chutney | baked oyster

Medallion of fillet of beef Rosini
Madeira jus | baby spinach |topinambur

White chocolate and lemon tart
vanilla crème fraîche | pistachio | blood orange sorbet

249€ per person
Aperitif | 7 course menu | wine pairing | mineral water | coffee specialities